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Hey there! 
I'm Flavia C

I'll Encourage You To Raise Your Standards And Act Big. 

I’m a High Performance Coach. I help my clients to grow their mindset allowing them to be the very best version of themselves and to unlock their full potential. 


For you to get a better understanding of my passion in transforming challenges into inner power and how my work, methods and experiences can help you to become whoever you aspire to be and achieve anything you dream of, I’d like to tell you a bit about me and my background. 


From the outside, and from societies standards, it appeared that I had everything required to be a so called ‘successful person’. By my early thirties I had my own trading business, with a personal income of well above six figures, I had lived in several countries, I was travelling for business and meeting plenty of successful and interesting people around the world, from Shanghai to Sao Paulo. At this point, I could speak four languages, I was driving beautiful cars, I was fit and in shape, I was hustling but not working 24/7, I had proprieties abroad, I had a Masters from a leading French business school, I had worked for a massive multinational company dealing with top executives and I was married to a wonderful man who I was very proud of. 


None of the above was given to me. I won’t ever claim I didn’t have amazing people that supported me from time to time, but it all started from crossing the Atlantic with nothing more than two suitcases and some money in my pocket.  


Pretty incredible, right? This is what a lot of people would class as ‘ultimate happiness’ and so did I on paper. However, I started to ask myself, what’s next? Was this it? The unsettled feeling was still there, in fact it was stronger now. I had all I believed I needed to be happy, but happiness was only present when I either achieved something or bought something new – it never lasted. Don’t get me wrong, I was very grateful for all I had and had achieved but feeling content and fulfilled was another story. 


I started to search for answers. I studied the work of people who knew the secret to a successful and fulfilled life - people like Wayne Dyer, Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Napoleon Hill, Milton Erickson, Viktor Frankly and Stephen Covey. I read many, many books and studies and attended several seminars. I learned from some incredible people like Tony Robbins, Dr. Joe Dispenza and Wim Hof to name a few. I studied fields of human behaviour and psychology, quantum physics, neurolinguistics and the psychology of influence amongst others. You can imagine how many years and hours I dedicated to expanding my mind.  


Now I can say with total conviction that I live in a power state. I found what was missing - I feel joy, whole, complete. I’ve decided that nothing can disturb the state of mind I’ve committed to be in. I’ve learned to use what are called ‘negative emotions’ as my best allies to prepare myself for the challenges that come and trigger the positive emotions that I seek in my life. I finally mastered this, not only intellectually, I live by it every day. Today, I devoted myself to help as many people as possible to also reach this state. This is the most important and precious thing you can have in life – it has the power to attract the rest. 


I won’t claim to be the leading coach, you’ll find lots of those around. What I can guarantee is that I’m committed and invested to be your partner to success and guide and care for you and your dreams in such a deep way that only a few people would. 

So, commit to improve, invest in yourself and take massive action!

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