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The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.
- Mahatma Gandhi  
Flavia Cortez Results Coach Giving Back_

I  believe that coaching and development should be accessible to everyone independent of their financial circumstances, so since day one I made a commitment to support those who need it but do not have the means.  

I speak, share, mentor, coach, train and contribute where I can. I am most interested in helping individuals and organizations in maximizing their potential, influencing change and change behaviour and inspiring leadership. 


The majority of my attention is focused on strategic advantage, individual, organizational and team leadership, relationships and communication, business coaching and mentoring. 

Group Hug



Coaching for mindset, coaching conversations and coaching skills. As a results coach and strategist, I help charities and social enterprises to dramatically improve their performance through workshops, one-on-one tailored coaching and bespoke training.



Coaching can make the greatest difference to those who have led challenging lives or who may be lacking role models in behaviour and communication. Unfortunately, these are the people least likely to gain access to coaching and mentoring. By gifting disadvantaged people with coaching sessions, it's my way of giving something back whilst providing practical life and communication skills enabling them to positively impact their lives.

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