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Taking Your Organization To The Next Level

I work with businesses in supporting them to create environments that do two things:


1. Achieving sustainable high performance and excellence.

2. Supports their people to thrive - in work and in life. 


Coaching prepares the organization and its people to best meet their customers' needs and face challenges. These include becoming more agile, so companies can respond effectively in a fast-moving world; improving communication, so problems can be identified and actions taken; increasing trust and self-responsibility; and for people to be fully engaged in their work and therefore fulfilled. 


Whether you're looking to improve your employees’ morale, productivity, quality of work, or increase revenues, applying the principles I teach can get you there. I will assess your organization's unique situation and tailor the training to fit.


Not every great leader is born - often great leaders are made. I help bring out the best in your leaders by equipping them with the skills to step into any situation and build better, more productive teams helping them overcome any obstacle.  


Get inspired, laugh and learn to develop an unshakable belief in your abilities to reach your business and life goals. I am equipped to deliver high-energy, impactful keynote addresses or lead breakout sessions on high-performance mindset, strategy and leadership.


Team coaching unlocks a group's potential and enhances collective intelligence. A key goal of team coaching is to enable appreciation of different members’ unique strengths and understanding of how their skills complement each other to fast-track their team goals.


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Neuza Alcobio

Marketing & Communications Director Logicalis Portugal

At Logicalis Portugal we’ve had a wonderful workshop on Change Management with Flavia.

Our company has gone through an acquisition process and we felt like it was important to help our employees understand and better deal with all the changes and the new global reality.

Flavia’s session was super clear, insightful and helpful (not only on a corporate level, but also on the personal side as well). Thank you, Flavia.

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