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How To Achieve Your Goals

Even if we’re speaking today about New Year resolutions, this is valid for any time of the year as every day is a good day to re-start and plan for a new future!

Do you still make new year’s resolutions? Many people don’t even make then anymore. Why? Because they’ve done so for many years but have never followed through.

We tend to focus on what they’re going to stop doing rather than envisioning something that will bring fulfilment, excitement and satisfaction. In many cases, come mid-January, when life goes back to normal, the resolution has been forgotten about.

How many times have you done this or know of someone that does this every year? Why disappoint ourselves to set new standards that we will never follow through on? Understandable right?

If you’re still reading this article, it’s because you have a desire for change, for a better life. So, I’ll tell you the secret to make this year’s resolution happen.

Instead of making a wish list for 2021 I’d like to invite you to make a list of your vision for the next 12 months of your life. Things that have meaning to you and that will pull you towards that future, things that are so compelling to you that you are excited to do whatever it takes to realise them.

Make a list of things that when they happen, will be a life gift to you. Something that even when things get hard during the year and it looks impossible to reach, you have strong reasons, reasons enough to keep going.

That is why most of the new year resolutions normally die by the middle of January. They are normally superficial things that are driven by our willpower and willpower is not strong enough to last through the inevitable challenges that will come. When you’re starving hungry, when you’re tired from work and have no energy to workout, when your job is so demanding that you don’t have time for your life project.

Reasons come first, answers come second. They can be negative or positive. For example, one could be: if this doesn’t happen in my lifetime I won’t feel fully fulfilled. Or, if this happens, I will have and be able to give my family an extraordinary life. If you have strong enough reasons you’ll find the way, instead of giving up when things gets hard.

Write down a compelling vision and strong enough reasons to follow through when things get difficult and you may stray off course. You can reset the course, learn what is needed and make the change to make things happen.

I’m not talking about anything new here, my aim is to freshen up your mind, to do what is needed to get you where you will be truly happy, wherever happiness is for you!

Now, a last note from me today. Remember, deciding what you want and committing to do whatever it takes to get there are the first and essential steps. But nothing happens if we do not take action.

Make sure you take the opportunity to schedule at least one thing you can do in the first week of January towards your vision, your goal. I’d love to know if you accepted my invitation to this challenge and how are you doing.

I wish to all of you an extraordinary 2021!


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