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The Decision That Will Change Everything

It all starts with this one decision...

... to change your habitual emotions. Most people spend their whole lives thinking and feeling the same way, about life events, work and business. This is why their lives don’t really change very much despite their efforts for a better job, better relationships, better financials…

We all know people that seem to have everything but are always frustrated in life. Why? Because it’s their conditioning.

The quality of your life = the quality of your habitual emotions. Wherever your emotional home is, you’ll find a way to go back there.

Have you ever heard of someone who wants a better relationship either in business, friendship or a romantic one but ends up always with the same type of people and consequently disappointing themselves. Why? Because of their conditioning. This is what they know, whatever happens in their lives they go back to what they know, back home.

It's hard to see when it's yourself. It’s emotional. I know that because I used to worry so much until one day I realized that worrying was making me suffer. It was when I decided I had to change the way I thought about things.

Wouldn't it be nice to upgrade your home? Your emotional home, where you live in thoughts and feelings. Leaving worries, frustrations and sadness behind to move to confidence, fascination and joy? What if you lived every day, the vast majority of time with emotions such as love and appreciation, passion, greatness? What would that feel like? What would it be like if you could live like this 99% of the time? You can make that change.

I don’t mean your life would be perfect. Negative feelings are part of our lives, they are a healthy signal that something needs your attention. But you have the choice to elevate your emotions and decide that you’re going to live in a beautiful state of mind no matter what.

Everyday I do a little extra work to upgrade my home. I promise myself every morning that I’ll be so happy that circumstances will not disturb my peace of mind.

You can also start today - what emotions will you feed on from now on that will massively improve the quality of your life?


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